Training and Courses

Agricultural Tourism

Over the years of its existence, our urban farm has also taken on the role of an experiential learning center, to which we enjoy inviting various groups for tours and agricultural activities. Everyone is welcome to come, hear and see the actual results of a worldview promoting urban food growing, to understand how it is possible to make the city a better place by means of certain ecological models: urban farms, community gardens, food forests and hydroponics systems. The tours can include either an organic vegetarian breakfast or a lunch, prepared by women in the Gimel neighborhood. Among our customers are: Le’umi Bank, Birthright Israel Program (Taglit), Israel Society for Nature Protection’s ,The Green Network, Discovery Nature Tours, The Wyss Institute ,representatives of different municipalities and many more.

תיירות חקלאית

Training courses and activities

Earth’s Promise always glad to share it knowledge and experience. We host a variety of workshops and training courses throughout the year, some last a few days, others are focused individual sessions, about: spices, medicinal plants, ecological agricultural techniques and DIY practices for planting an edible garden next to home. All courses combine theoretical knowledge and hands on work.

הכשרות מקצועיות

Farm to Table

Farm to Table is a social movement which promotes serving local food, preferably through direct acquisition from the producer. As city farmers, farm to table events is a great opportunity to engage the local community to Earth’s Promise work and believes.Farm to Table events promote local sustainable economy and meant to connect local consumers with local producers. Earth’s Promise initiated a series of meetings held at local pubs and coffee-shops, local chefs prepared delicacies from the farm’s diverse vegetable produce. This meal was accompanied by the viewing of ‘green’ films and followed by ‘green’ tours and workshops, that not only satisfied the appetite but enriched the knowledge of eco-environmental topics, especially regarding urban food growing.

מהחווה לשולחן

Earth’s Promise Promotes Urban Agriculture and Local Sustainable Development