Community Space

Shvuata – The Green Truck

Shvuata – The Green Truck is a socio-economic initiative that seeks to revitalize public spaces, raise awareness and create a dialogue about healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The Green Truck provides a platform that promotes community initiatives to develop a local leisure culture. With the cooperation of public organizations and institutions, the green truck functions as a Popup Tea House. Earth Promise staff travels to various neighborhoods in the city on set days during the week creating a pleasant environment for residents to meet one another over a cup of tea and plate of cookies while making promoting local grown produce. Workshops and informational activities are offered based on local food production, nutrition, and a sustainable local economy principals.

שבועתא האוטו הירוק

Public Celebrations

Sustainable city is also a city where communities can come together, interact and celebrate. Social interactions increase involvement and strength the solidarity ad faith. Yoga at the Farm, Philosophy Evenings, communal suppers and holiday celebrations are part of local initiatives that residences from the city organize together with Earth’s promise at the urban farm. The urban farm invites the people of Be’er-Sheva and the area to meet, get to know each other and to spend time pleasantly in a natural urban environment.

חגיגות משותפות

Women cook

There are many women in the Gimel neighborhood in Beer Sheva who possess talents of cooking, hosting and a warm temperament, yet despite their talents are not able to hold jobs outside of the home. The goal of the project is to incorporate neighborhood women into a local productive initiative while increasing their income. The project includes hosting traditional cultural meals cooked from the farm vegetables and Producing locally made products that sold at The Urban Farm.

נשים מבשלות

Volunteer Programs

The farm is open to the public and gladly receives volunteers of all ages and kinds. This voluntarism may include many types of agricultural work, participation in community events, and supportive management of the information systems. The wide range of activities experienced provides both many tools and much knowledge in the field of sustainability, especially regarding urban food growing. It is possible to volunteer for either short or long periods of time.

תוכנית מתנדבים

“City is Not a Problem, City is the Solution” – J. Lerner