About Us

Our Vision

Earth’s Promise works to promote sustainable urban agriculture and a system of locally-grown foods. By following some simple models that are easily adopted, we are trying to attain sustainable development that strengthens community, environmental and economic development. Together with the local residence, Earth’s Promise is transforming neglected areas into productive ones that grow vegetables and communities, thus raising the quality-of-life within urban settings throughout the Negev. Earth’s Promise is creating local ecosystems that accommodate both mankind and nature. Earth’s Promise is running an organic urban farm, community gardens, food forests and educational programs that connects people to the earth while expressing and allowing various traditions and cultures to exist together.

החזון שלנו

Our Staff

“If want to walk quickly, walk alone. If you want to go far, then walk together.”

…African Proverb The Staff at Earth’s Promise builds local ecological systems that provide a place for people, soil and nature to coexist in harmony. We are a small and quality staff that comes with great love for local work, faith in people and in Mother Earth. Simplicity and modesty guide us along this path. We are engaged in a continuous learning process that includes those who wish to learn with us, to grow and to cultivate vegetables and community.In addition to the Staff, we have hundreds of volunteers throughout the year, from every walk of life, youth and elderly giving a hand in farming, our various projects, office work and much more. .

הצוות של שבועת האדמה

Our Board

Earth’s Promise Board of Directors looks like a Food Forest: Diverse, productive for many years. There are board members similar to a “pioneer tree”, they grew quickly and provided good shade, and provided the foundations for growing into new projects. There are board members that resemble “stabilizing tress”, they grew slowly and their roots extend deep into the ground, from the first days of the organization. Together they allow the “forest” to sprout and blossom so that we can enjoy and benefit from the sweet fruits of the work.The Board of Directors includes professionals from the fields of architecture, environmental engineering, ecological agriculture, agronomy, community social work, resource development, education and urban planning.

ועד מנהל


A thriving ecological system is able to incorporate a diverse range of species that co-benefit from each other, which ensures long term development and stability. Similar to a ecological system, our partners are many and varied; government ministries, local authorities, foundations, private donors, organizations and institutions in Israel and throughout the world. Without them, the entire system suffers. We are thankful for this symbiosis, for cooperation and hope for continued growth and prosperity.

השותפים שלנו


Accessible Farming

Organization that promotes Urban Agriculture adopted neglected and polluted city land in the Gimel neighborhood in Beer Sheva and transformed it into a field growing organic vegetables. The produce is for sale to Beer Sheva residents for cost price and very inexpensive.

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Earth’s Promise-Transforming neglected land to green space that grow vegetables next to your home.

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The Urban Farm

Policy Building

Modern day life has severed city residents from Nature and the environment. Urban Agriculture is a way that allows city dwellers to reconnect with the earth and farming, simple values and wonder. Urban Agriculture brings nature to the city streets, improves access to healthy and nutritious food and leads to a personal and community sense of pride. Throughout the world, leading cities are adopting widespread strategies as part of their sustainability development. In Israel, this subject is still in its beginning stages, lacks clear definition and orderly policy on the part of decision makers in government and local authorities. Earth’s Promise is working to advance policy with local authorities, government offices and other entities. This work includes policy papers, city mapping, recommendations for action, instructions for master plans and clearing obstacles with the goal to expand the sphere of influence and to utilize agricultural systems within the city and in their immediate surroundings

קידום מדיניות

“The Earth is the source of life, creativity and culture and true independence” – A.D. Gordon